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MORRIS DRY GIN Magnum in Velvet Sachet

MORRIS DRY GIN Magnum in Velvet Sachet

1000 Milliliters
VAT Included |

LONDOND DRY GIN | 47% vol. | 1500 ML in velvet sachet.


"An Englishman in the Wild Alps" stylishly packaged in a velvet sachet.


A classically elegant London Dry Gin was the inspiration and is actually the starting product for this extraordinary London Dry Gin. But there's a lot more to it than that ... Alchemy & Adventure.

William Morris Gin the new dimension for Gin Tonic, Negroni, ... WILD INSIDE.


A very individual interpretation of a London Dry Gin with a clear nose and balanced aromas of juniper, wild Alpine herbs and citrus fruits. On the palate it shows an absolutely successful interplay of botanicals, with the typical notes of juniper, herbs and a playful citrus note.

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