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J.O. MAUND PANAMA RUM in Velvet Sachet

J.O. MAUND PANAMA RUM in Velvet Sachet

1000 Milliliters
VAT Included |

MAUND Rum PANAMA in a velvet sachet

"Port Pinot Cask Finishing", Single Cask,

45% vol. | 500ML


Carefully selected premium rum, distilled and aged in Panama. Refined in Switzerland with the unique "Port Pinot Cask Finishing" from The Wild Alps.


Ideal as a gift in a velvet sachet.


We obtain rum distillate rum distillates from Panama that have been matured in accordance with the regulations of Panama. After the creation of our "Blend" of the distillates, final maturation takes place with our "Port Pinot Cask Finishing" method and finally a "Single Cask" bottling.


Our 2022 Blend was first bottled in early June 2023.


Tasting notes to follow...



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