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WIld ALPS MORRIS Medaille 2020 15cm 300



47% vol

5ML | 700ML | 750ML | 1500ML


MORRIS GIN is a very individual interpretation of a dry gin with "influences" of botanicals from the wild Alps. Small batch distilled in traditional copper stills.


A super premium gin, but with a clear juniper on the nose

exceptionally rich “bouquet”. With 47% vol, a very intense taste experience with a convincingly harmonious finish.


A traditional London Dry Gin with a very unique character!


Already awarded many times:


2020 gold medal at the Swiss Gin Award

Equal on points with the winner "MORRIS MONACO ORANGE" (!)

Tasting notes Swiss Gin Award 2020:

Pleasant nose, emphasized by juniper. Harmonious interplay of juniper berries, citrus and herbs. Mild finish, with light hints of cedar and cinnamon. Classic and Elegeant!


2017 Winner - Gold Medal at the Gin Tasting of the ÖGZ (Austria)

Tasting notes ÖGZ-Joury:

With a balance between the Alps and England to victory. "Raspberry meets pepper", ... freshness that is reminiscent of cucumber and dosed power that balances complexly between pepper, roses and herbs. The complexity also came through in the long drink.


2017 Swiss Gin & Rum Award - “BEST GIN 2017”

Tasting notes Swiss Gin Award 2017:

A bright spot, has a clear gin character! Clear juniper notes, pepper and herbs, followed by citrus fruits. Elegant teamwork, exciting, interesting. Very harmonious and complex on the palate.


2016 Swiss Gin & Rum Award


Tasting notes (Swiss Gin Award 2016):

... clear, complex, balanced aromas of juniper, herbs and citrus. Typical on the palate, juniper, herbs, playful citrus notes, absolutely successful interplay of botanicals.


2015 “Silver Award” IWSC

(London International Wine & Spirit Competition)

WILLIAM MORRIS® - the brand


William Morris was a major architect, designer, poet and co-founder of the Arts and Crafts Movement "in England mid-19th century. According to his plans were made by John Oakley Maund from 1888 almost identical hunting villas in the Anglo-Scottish “Cottage Style” in the Alps, erected exclusively by regional master craftsmen. In Weggis on Lake Lucerne and in Schoppernau in the Bregenz Forest, in the Arlberg region.


In the “Villa Maund” we came across the work of William Morris. The labels of our Morris Dry Gin are a "homage" to this extraordinary character. The motif is based on an original velvet print by William Morris "The Strawberry Thieves", which was produced in his workshops in England in the 19th century. Accordingly, the label is made with a special print on velvet paper.

Theresia Angel-Hämmerle's “Product Design” received the 2015 IWSC London Award for “Packaging Design”.

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